How to kiss How to Kiss: A Guide for the Not-So-Smooth Guy Women

How to kiss
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 How to Kiss
Okay, this is your last chance. You’ve got to do it now. As soon as she pulls away from this goodbye hug, just lean in and kiss her. But what if she turns her face away on accident? No, I’ve got to say something. Something really sexy. But the hug is almost over! What am I gonna say?! Final squeeze, pull away, look suggestively into her eyes andddddd….. “Smoochy smoochy?”

While this tactic worked for one of my friends (TRUE STORY), it’s probably not your best bet for securing a lip connection with your date on her doorstep. Learn how to kiss a girl so that even if you’re not the suavest guy on the block, she’ll certainly think you are.

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 Raise the Stakes
Raise the Stakes.
There’s no rule that says the first few kisses have to be the nightcap of the evening. While you’re flirting during happy hour, make a bet with her. If you lose, you have to kiss her. If you win, she has to kiss you. Not only will you showcase your confidence, the sexiest quality you can have, the suggestion will ease any nervous tension either of you are feeling. And the best part? You’ll build more anticipation for the kiss so that when it finally happens, the payoff will be that much sweeter.

Go All James Bond on Her.
One rule that all guys should remember is that ladies love a man who knows what he wants. Secondarily, ladies also hate that we love a man who knows what women want. James Bond knows that all women want to kiss him and he never second guesses himself. Take a cue from Mr. Bond and use this stupidly basic strategy: beckon her to you. Don’t scoff; it’s probably one of the most effective ways to steal a kiss. Picture this: You’re strolling around the park and stop to throw rocks at a duck. You’re both laughing and she starts walking again. You stay stationary. Grab her hand and say something like “Hey, come back here.” Look at her so she knows you think she’s beautiful, pull her slowly towards you and give her a strong, deliberate, slow kiss.

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 Try a One-Liner
Try a One-Liner.
Girls are anxious about the first few kisses because they generally have to nervously wait around for the boy to drum up enough nerve for the the lips start flying. It would be neat if girls took the initiative more often, but they don’t, so here’s where the choose-your-own-adventure one-liner comes in handy. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, say “I’ve always wanted to kiss someone on a roof/in the sprinklers/on a playground/while Limp Bizkit is playing/in front of a vending machine. Are you up for it?” You’re not lying because you’re a dude and you’ve always wanted to kiss girls, no matter the context. She’ll like it because it’s bold but not aggressive and she’ll get to relax because she’s not going to have to watch you pansy around through the whole date while you try to locate your balls. Girls don’t like it when it’s their responsibility to let you kiss them. They like it when you make it your mission and confidently take the lead.

These are all pretty charming ways to initiate a kiss, but they only work if your date already wants to kiss you. As long as she’s on board, these tips are sure to make her swoon.

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